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Hello, i quikly want to indroduce my family and myself:

I was bred and grew up in Namibia. My wife is German(15 years in Africa) and our children are 8 and 10. Momentarely we are living in Switzerland.
We lived, worked and travelled through southern africa(Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa)
Then came Switzerland. It was easy to adopt and we are still here.
After the 5 years here, we want to move on. We have seen allot of Europe and it is time for something new(before we return to africa eventually)
We are very much interested in some European Islands including Guadeloupe, St Martin, Martinique, Reunion, etc.
Our african experience has educated us on what can go wrong(no electricity, corruption, etc) We don't come naive and "unweaponed".
Europe taught us time and accuracy in every aspect. We learned about the medium money and its important role here. We now know what stress is.
Swiss have watches, Africans got the time.

My wife is a successfull teacher in various educational systems.
I myself am in the Dimension Stone Trade all my life. From mining upto the final product.
We are very very flexible and also take on new challenges and and are no stubborn people who can only do their job.
We would like hearing from you and maybe get some advice on what to do where and why.
Sitongwani and Family
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