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For my 1st spouse visa application, Feb. 2015, I sent our 2013 tax return & all supporting docs for 2014 return. The UKVI response didn't say specifically about this, but I'm wondering if our IRA (Individual Retirement Account) distribution income doesn't count toward the £18,600 income requirement?

We used (and will use again when I reapply soon) the average of 2 yrs. (Cat. G, self-employment). In 2013, my husband's income was £21,146, of which £1,621 was rental income and £5,977 was an "IRA distribution" (income he earned previously and invested in 401(k); was withdrawn but has not been spent, i.e. it won't appear on our bank statement because it wasn't deposited. It remains in the IRA and we can send the Schwab statement again). This is indicated on the appropriate line on the tax return.

In 2014, my husband's income was £17,972, of which £4,054 was rental income, and £6,428 was an IRA distribution.

The average of 2 yrs = £19,215 today (was higher but exchange rate changed, not in our favor). So we're rather close to the required amount. I wasn't worried the first time, but now and hope/assume they count the IRA part as income. Do you know if they do? (They seemed to include it just fine last time because there was no mention of it in their response.) Here's their text:
" 1. Suitability for Entry Clearance: requirements met
2. Relationship requirements met
3. Financial requirements: refusal
Your application also falls (sic) to be refused under the Immigration Rules because you do not meet the income threshold requirement under Appendix FM and/or the related evidential requirements under Appendix FM-SE.

You have stated on your application form that you wish to rely on your sponsor's earnings from self employment averaged out over the last 2 financial years in the US. I note you have provided a 2013 tax return which shows a total gross annual income of US$ 32,311 (£21,541.20 at exchange rate £1 = US$ 1.50 Forex Trading | Trade Currency Online | Forex Broker | OANDA 26/01/2015) inclusive of rental income, however you have not provided and (sic) tax return for the financial year 2014. I also note you have not provided bank statements covering the financial year 2013 showing your stated income from self employment being received. I therefore refuse your application under paragraph EC-P.1.1(d) of Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules. (E-ECP.3.1)

You state that you intend to reside in _____, Kent however you have provided no evidence you have a property there available for you to stay in. I am therefore not satisfied that you will be adequately accommodated without recourse to public funds. I therefore refuse your application under paragraph EC-P.1.1(d) of Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules (E-ECP.3.4)

4. English language: requirement met.

Also taking into consideration the first half of this year, 2015, my husband's work income has gone up significantly. In addition, our rental income will increase to £6,000 in 2015. They will see that from our lease agreement for the house we own free & clear. Should I send bank statements/photocopied checks of the past 6 months, or would that not matter to them?

I plan to submit a letter from his long-time (22 years) employer/now client, indicating that the amount of work will continue as it has been going. My husband does freelance work and can work remotely for this client as well as take on new, local clients in the U.K.

* Basically I need to know if they didn't mention our IRA income in the refusal letter because (a) it is indeed allowed to count as income, or (b) they didn't notice it on the return or (c) it doesn't count as income but they were already refusing my application on other grounds and didn't provide further detail as to extra reasons why.
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