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Is smart-form really that smart?

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So.. I'm filling that so called wise form. But, apparently it misses something. Long story short:
When I'm asked to enter my mother's British passport number i'm not able to, as she has an old passport - 6 numbers & 2 letters. The smart form will only accept a 9 digits number.
Any ideas how to break through it? Maybe there's a way to get the new updated number (without issuing a new passport for my mother)?
Worst case I'll just use the regular printed forms, but i'm just trying to be efficient over here.

Thanks guys:bump2:
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Hi joopa, thanks for hoping by again.
Well it says:
"Her citizenship at the time of the applicant's birth". Ok, thats an easy one, she had a British Citizenship when i poked to the world.
And then:
"Does she have a British passport?".
If i tick yes, and yes she definitely have it but long time expired, i have to fill the number.
Are you suggesting I should tick 'no' as it is no longer valid?
Just wandering about UK's definitions:
My father, by the time I was born, wasn't a british citizen of any kind. Also, he wasn't living in the UK. So when I get this question: "what is the applicant's father immigration status in the united kingdom?", Should I write something like "foreigner"?

1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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