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is it at all possible??

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I have no family in the States, I have no degree level qualifications as I have held many jobs from chef (self taught to Postmistress)

I do have family who have owned property over there for 25 years... so perhaps could have contacts to get us employment or sponsorship? But what is sponsorship exactly?

Do I have ANY chance to get into the US?

What would be my options if any?

Desperate to leave UK, love Britain but terrible unhappy memories here and want to start again in US or Canada..

Thanks All.
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Not a chance in hell ..even people with PhDs are struggling to get in
What would be my options if any?
Probably none. If you can answer yes to any of the questions @ http://www.expatforum.com/expats/am...ica/30374-looking-live-america-will-help.html, write details here. If not, then I know of no way you could live and work in the US.
Family can sponsor you if they are first degree - parents and siblings.
Read through the stickies on top. You will find very useful information about US visa.

Going by the information you gave - I see no chance for an employer sponsored visa. You do not fill some of the requirements.
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