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The expense of the reception is often commensurate to the number of invited guests and their +1's.
If you would spend a chunk might as well allocate some for video and photo services.
Good luck to you and Best wishes to your bride :)
Oh yeah, can't forget to have photos taken (hundreds of pics) of every group of participants and all together all before, during, and after the wedding and at the reception & luncheon/banquet. Also most of the time, not always though, they will have "Rememberances" (gift/freebie)of some kind to give to each of the single guests or each guest couple so you won't forget the good time you had. These can be a simple thing or a bit extravagant, depending on how well off they are. Keep in mind too that any and all Principal Sponsors at a Catholic Church Wedding will be Charged P100 in order to sign the paper as a Sponsor and you may be asked or required to pay for them, in a Civil wedding there is no charge as a Sponsor. Don't know what other charges there would be at a Church Wedding here in the Phils as my Asawa & I got married in the states, I also don't know of what the costs are for the Judge & Courtroom in a Civil Ceremony.

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