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Is Gi bill housing allowance in Manila higher than Subic?

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Hello everyone.I am a US army veteran and I'm new to this forum. I'm seeking guidance in regards to using my GI BILL/post 911 education benefits as to where would it benefit me more financially. If I rather go to school in Manila or other places. I did a little research in va.gov website and I learned that OSA (overseas allowance )is greater in Manila than anywhere else in the country.

I am not sure if OSA pertains to active duty service members only or also applies to veterans.
I read two conflicting statements. One says I will get $1368 fix rate monthly which is the BAH when you enroll in school in Philippines and the other one is the OSA which I will get over $1100 for housing , over $600 for utilities and over $100 for security in moving in.

What is the difference between OSA and BAH? Which one applies to me as a veteran. Or will I get both....

My main objective is to go to school where the rate is the highest as far as the living allowance.
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I am very interested in this topic.
Isn't it hard to apply for the Gi bill though?
do they also give you money for the books?
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