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Is Gi bill housing allowance in Manila higher than Subic?

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Hello everyone.I am a US army veteran and I'm new to this forum. I'm seeking guidance in regards to using my GI BILL/post 911 education benefits as to where would it benefit me more financially. If I rather go to school in Manila or other places. I did a little research in va.gov website and I learned that OSA (overseas allowance )is greater in Manila than anywhere else in the country.

I am not sure if OSA pertains to active duty service members only or also applies to veterans.
I read two conflicting statements. One says I will get $1368 fix rate monthly which is the BAH when you enroll in school in Philippines and the other one is the OSA which I will get over $1100 for housing , over $600 for utilities and over $100 for security in moving in.

What is the difference between OSA and BAH? Which one applies to me as a veteran. Or will I get both....

My main objective is to go to school where the rate is the highest as far as the living allowance.
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Hello Gene and Viol

I took your advise and went ahead to see a Veteran officer at the RAO center which stands for Retired Activity Organization. I spoke with a retired navy who is the deputy director. He is as well attending college here in the Philippines so that really work out well with my intention coming down the office.
He walked me through the education system in the Philippines and most importantly the GI Bill. It does increase every year.
He said that it doesn't matter what place or school in the Philippines you will go or whatever rank that you retired. A captain or a private, you will get a flat rate of $1368 a month as you living expense here in the Philippines.
That info cleared up a lot of confusions on my part. Since I'm from Subic, I might as well pursue my degree here. Subic is a wonderful wonderful place by the way. If you will stay inside the former US naval base now called SBMA freeport zone is really nice. Almost all the convenience that you have back home you can buy here. Plenty of American products and food at reasonable prices.

I hope that my fellow veteran who's planning to use their GI Bill in the Philippines read this info that I gathered from our local RAO center.
I have a question Sir..My husband will be getting out of the army 2 weeks from now.he's only 27 years old and he's planning to live here for good. I read about the GI bill that you posted,& we was just talking about that,he said he doesnt know much how it works.Is he entitled with GI bill too? He's a cook and wants to get a culinary course here in the Philippines...please enlighten us about this topic.Thank you.
Thank you sir Gene for the info...i will have him talk to somebody,right now he is stationed at Ft. Polk Louissiana.
valbayuga said:
No problem Gene and Viol. That's why we have this forum to help each other. For the young couple planning to use the GI BILL in the Philippines, Mr and Mrs Cintron.
I as well was stationed in Fort Polk, LA. I left 2007. WARRIOR'S BRIGADE.
I have question again(lol)... I know,i tend to get annoying,too many questions...but thats how we learn right? Anyway,my question is(might be out of topic) is there any jobs here in the philippines for somebody who is out the army? thats one of my husbands fear... he's been in the army since he was 18 & now he's 27,he feels like it will be hard to adjust to civilian life...
valbayuga said:
Hello MR and Mrs Cintron,

I got out 2007 and went back to my hometown in PA. I was unemployed for a year. I chose not to be in the workforce after two years back to back deployment in Iraq.Needless to say..I was just tired. Adjustment? YES big adjustment. It's gonna take awhile. It took me two years before it sink in. Job in Philippines..if you would settle for 5 to 7 dollars a DAY otherwise just reap the benefits of being just out of the army and collect. Take a break for a year, gather your thoughts,plan and be ready to be a civilian again.Oh..utility bills come rolling in when you are out of the barracks. bummer!
True,i agree with you...he was deployed in Iraq & he just came home from Afghanistan last October,theres a lot happened in Afghanistan that made him not want to extend more years in the army.as a wife,im relieved & all those worrying & sleepless night will be over.but yeah,i know he will have a hard time adjusting to civilian life but im here to support & help him all the way.he wasnt living in the barracks,he have a house off post so im pretty sure he's used to utility bills that comes every month.He wants to find a job here in the philippines,he dont wanna be away from us anymore,its wearing him down.im working as a teacher,ill be here to help support the bills...i may not make a lot but it does help..right now,he's really anxious to just be out & come home.he's actually counting down....9 more days,yay!

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