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Irish Carpenter 23 years experience. Moving to Canada?

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First of all HI :) Im new to the forum and looking for advice would really appreciate the help on a big decision like this.

Well I suppose the title sort of says it all, my partner and our 2 young children are looking into moving abroad, really loving Canada :D My partner has 23 years carpentry experience in renovations, extensions and does commercial shop fit outs for a certain large chain of juice and smoothie bars here. 20years foreman experience and has a small bulding company at the moment.

So, my question is really do we try get in by a sposorship to work or apply ourselfs for a work visa? And what is the average wage for a carpenter in Canada?
We went to the Working Abroad Expo in the RDS Dublin this weekend but most of the jobs seemed to be for engineering and didnt get to talk a lot to anyone as the crowds were unbelieveable!! :eek:

We are not expecting the money to be flowing in like a lot of talk I seem to be hearing. OH already works 6 days a week and long hours so is well used to hard work. But we are trying to weigh the pros and cons, like our children would have so much more opportunities when they are older etc, but we are not sure what part of Canda to go to so no idea what rent prices are like, and have heard prices for car insuraceprices are pretty hefty.

I just sent emails yesterday with his C.V's to a few carpentry companies that I think he's would work well with and also to some jobs Ive seen online etc

Sooooo sorry for the long post, I've probably bored ye all :) Anyway if anyone has any tips or advice no matter how small we'd really appreciate it.

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Hi there, we are in quite a similar boat to you too, husband is a carpenter/joiner but with only 7 years experience, I'm 26 he's 27 we have a 6yr old daughter and are in the research stage of our hopeful move to Canada.
I just wanted to ask, how/where did you start your research and how's it going?
I think it's definitely western Canada we'll be hoping to move to, we both love that small town community feel, but apart from that I'm struggling a bit with my research.
Did you find the working abroad expo helpful even tho you didn't get to speak to many people on the stands? We're going to one at Birmingham in July which will hopefully help me a bit more. We were hoping to go to one in march but it fell on the same weekend as my husband has his passing out parade for the fire service, so I'm turning to the forum for advice in the mean time.
Hope you don't mind me being nosey :)
Lou x
Embe said:
Just saw your post - If your husband has a couple of years of experience with concrete forming and some experience with commercial or industrial carpentry, please contact me. I'm in Manitoba - another province in western Canada. Thanks.

Hi there.
I tried sending you a private message but it says you can't receive them yet, so I hope you see this.
My husband has plenty of experience with on site carpentry, has done and is more than capable of doing concrete forming, but doesn't have a solid experience with that. Most of the stuff here is Pre formed and assembled on site you see. He has been a carpenter/joiner for six and a half years now, I know the roles of this trade vary a fair bit between our 2 countries tho I'm not at all sure how much.
Lou :)
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