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After receiving ITA from INZ, i applied for IQA for both my Bachelor's and Master's Degree.

For my Bachelor's degree, i have received a specified outcome which says it is comparable to Level 7 of NZQF with 360 Credits.

For my Master's degree, i have received a generic outcome which says

Your Master of Science (M.S.) in Quality Management from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science has been compared to a master's degree at Level 9 in New Zealand. This is a generic outcome. This means that there are no specific Level Z qualifications with this content but your qualification is structurally similar to the qualification type listed in the assessment outcome.

With the above assessment results from NZQA, would my 140 points that i scored when i submitted my EOI stay intact and will I be eligible to go ahead and submit my Application form for ITA.

Please advice.

Best Regards,

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I think so but I couldn't guarantee since I am no expert.
Even though your MS has been given a generic outcome it has still been assessed as being structurally similar to the compared masters degree at Level 9 in NZ.

In reality, all you can do is submit the IQA as evidence you meet the qualification criteria and hope that your Immigration case officer agrees and allows you to keep the points when he or she processes your application.
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