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To the Entry Clearance Officer / To Whom it May Concern,

Re. Fiance visa application for xxxxx

This letter is to confirm my support of Xxxxxx application to enter the UK as the fiance of a British Citizen.

I am a British Citizen, and have been living in the UK since birth.

I am currently employed under the title of a xxxxx working 44 hours per week. I have been working for the Xxxxx since 12th August 2013 and have a current basic salary of £29,593 before tax with additional hours paid at £12.90 per hour.

I currently reside at xxxxxxxxxx This is my childhood home and have been living here from birth. I do not pay rent. Within the household there is my mother and brother we share the living room, bathroom and kitchen, however I have sole use of my bedroom. This is where Xxxx will reside with me also rent free. (See my mothers approval letter).

I have never been previously married or in a marriage-like long term relationship, and have no children.

Xxxx and I have known each other since the beginning of 2010 after meeting on an online website and quickly became good friends. We decided to persue a long distance relationship after my first trip and kept in touch daily with the use of telephone calls, emails, Blackberry chat etc. We eventually met for the first time in-person on 5th July 2010 (which we have named as the official anniversary of our relationship) when I travelled to Jamaica to spend 21 days at a family members house in which Xxxxx travelled from Kingston to stay with me in Montego Bay. I travelled to Jamaica again on the 18th December, and we spent a further 10 days together at my family's home in Montego Bay. I visited Jamaica on the following dates April 22nd 2011- 1st May 2011 & again on the 24th December 2011 - 7th January 2012. My trip on 10th July 2013 - 2nd August 2013 is when Xxxxx proposed to myself on this visit and we became engaged on 24th
July 2013. We also continue to stay in contact daily with the use of telephone calls, emails, MSN, and video calls.

We have chosen to begin the process of settling together in the UK (as opposed to Jamaica) because of my stable employment and the career opportunities I have within the sector I work for and have an amazing client group that use my services regularly.

In support of (fiance) application, I have enclosed the following documents:

1) 2 recent passport photographs and my original current UK passport.

2) Email conversations between myself and The Council of our intent to marry.
- I have included the confirmation letter for the ceremony on the 29th April.

3) As evidence of meeting each other I have included boarding passes / flight itinerary of both of my visits to Jamaica and 4 photographs of us from our time spent together.

4) As evidence of our continuing relationship I have included:
- Partial pages from my mobile phone bills
- Western Union transfer receipts.
- Digicel calling credit sent to xxxxx from myself.
- Screenshots of Xxxx calling me regularly.
- Screenshots of a summary of emails and instant messaging between myself and Xxxxxx
- Facebook communication and mutual friends.

5) As evidence of maintenance, I have included the most recent 6 months payslips, and 6 months bank statements, my employment contract, and a letter from my Employer as confirmation of my current salary and title.

6) As evidence of accomodation I have included my mothers letter stating she does not require any funds from myself or Xxxx and she is happy to have him live with us.

I hope I have included all the neccessary information, please do not hesitate to contact me, should you require any confirmation or further information.

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There is no need to list all your supporting documents, other than those that require explanation or elucidation. They can see what you have provided.
Otherwise you've covered the ground well. Perhaps you can put in a line or two about shared interests, outlook, belief and philosophy, as further evidence of a durable relationship.
A couple of spelling errors, so do a spellcheck before printing out.
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