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internet options?

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hi all what would be a rough a cost to internet per month and does it have to come through a phone line?
also can you use a router for movement of laptop around the house?
does the package also jnclude the use of a phone as in uk?
thankyou everyone
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Three options Telephone, wireless, cable, what it comes down too is your location and who can give you an internet service, basic costs around €20 pm, first check with neighbors then Sapo (PT), Wireless Vodafone, TMN, Optimus all have location/service options on their sites, if you can't get a 3G service for wireless it's a waste of time, and lastly Meo (PT) cable generally phone, broadband, tv package but not broadband only.
All have router options but wireless you need to buy a compatible router.
Don't sign for highest speed often not available and nightmare changing package down but easy to change package up if it is available.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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