Expats around the world are being offered the chance to buy their health insurance online after one of the leading international health insurance providers upgraded its website.

MediCare International says that clients worldwide can now go from quote to cover in two minutes and the cover includes war zone and chronic care costs for expats of all nationalities.

They can log on, select a policy level suitable for their circumstances, generate a quote and then proceed to full online purchase of the policy, all in around two minutes at any time of the day, wherever they are in the world.

The London based international health insurance provider has over 25 years’ experience of delivering world class cover for both individuals and staff groups and sees online buying as a major customer requirement for the future.

‘The launch of our online buying package, which is aimed at expatriates of all nationalities, will bring significant service benefits to clients worldwide. We already have a reputation for one of the fastest claims settlement times in the market, a major benefit which our own research has highlighted regularly as a key service requirement,’ said David Pryor, senior executive director.

‘Now clients can log on and use their credit card to buy the correct policy for their circumstances in a matter of minutes, wherever they are in the world. The new website lays out policy coverage and details, so choosing the right option is simple, quick and easy,’ he added.

The company says that the new online purchase option adds to its reputation as a comprehensive and flexible provider of global medical healthcare insurance. Already know as a pioneer in the area of chronic cover, MediCare International was one of the first international insurers to offer policies that met all of the costs of chronic illness treatment, both on diagnosis and in the future.

It adds that MediCare International policies are also popular with organisations working in war zones and reconstruction areas, as they were again one of the first to provide so called passive war cover, which is often essential for Non Governmental Organisations and contractors working in the more volatile parts of the globe. Agreed medical claims are usually settled within two days, making MediCare International one of the fastest payers in the market.

With clients drawn from 86 nationalities in 114 countries, MediCare International is a major provider of health insurance for expatriates of all nationalities across the world.