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Internal Work Transfer to Wellington Area

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Hi everyone,

I'm new on here so forgive my ignorance if this has been covered before.

My company has sent me details of a vacant position in engineering services within the Wellington area of New Zealand. It would be an internal transfer hence I don't think there would be any issues with visas (somebody please confirm this??) but it has been offered as a contract only basis.

I have a wife and three children (11,9 & 7) and really like the look of the area although we've never been before.

I would appreciate if anyone can let me know what style of living my family would have with a salary in the region of NZD$80k with very little equity in our pockets to start with and areas recommended to live.

Any help would be appreciated.

Merry Miller
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Thanks escapedtonz, quite insightful with regard to the cost of living in Wellington.

We are currently in Yorkshire, UK and live modestly. We don't go out for meals too often or go 'down town' drinking etc.

We tend to have a family togetherness and have trips out to the coast or other places walking our springer spaniels (2).

The main attraction is the relaxed lifestyle we keep hearing about from others that have moved to Australia and New Zealand; especially from friends we have based in Christchurch and the southern island. We particularly would like the more family orientated lifestyle.

We are currently awaiting details of any relocation as without it it would be a non starter.

Visas are to be sorted through the company.

Has anyone took their dogs and if so, what kind of things do we need to know about?


Merry Miller
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Right, job offer progressing and looking at residency first off.

Relocation help hopefully and now wanting more details of cost of living.

We cook much of our meals and enjoy red wine (something tells me NZ might help with this 😏).

4 bedroom house needed in nice districts of Wellington - any ideas?

Any help would be appreciated.
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