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Dear All,
I am an Australian citizen and planning to get married in a few months time frame.
My partner is an Indian citizen and since she is in India, I am applying for an offshore partner visa.
My plan is to lodge an offshore visa file and then bring her over here under my sponsorship visa so we can travel together post wedding. I have hired visa consultant in India but not finding them very effective.
Could you please guide me with below queries?

STATUTORY DECLARATION: Sponsor Relation History: This needs specifications of relations history before and after the wedding declared and signed by me and must be witnessed by authorised person.

My queries:
Is this form must be submitted BEFORE application (as prerequisite) or can be submitted AFTER lodging the application? (I am planning to lodge application from India while I go for my wedding. I will not be available in person to co-ordinate this in Australia with authorised person in Australian)
Can this be managed virtually or my phyisical presence is required at the time of authorised person's signature in Australia?
Can this form be filled BEFORE marriage while I am in Australia (as prospective marriage) or it must be AFTER marriage only?

Thanks in advance.
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