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In Last 10 years I have stayed ~3 yrs in USA along with my wife, we both dont have any PR or citizenship of USA.
If someone can answer my below query it will be very helpful as my application is already filed with DIAC and waiting for CO to be allocated.
1) Only FBI Police clearence is required and not the Local Police.
2) What all documents needs to be submitted to FBI
a) FD-238, Can I take the printout in normal A4 paper and take print on it or it has to be some specific card which is available only in Police station
b) Applicant information :- Which Document number
c) Credit card Detail- Any Document number.
d) Any other documents like Covering Letter
3) How do I make payment to them. I have a debit card in Australia of an australian bank. Not sure if FBI will be able to charge there fee in US dollars to an Australian Debit card.
Is there any other way by which I can make payment.
4) Can the payment of both application be made together as one amount or it has to be 2 seperate payments?
5) Can I send the application of me and my wife together in same courier.
6) If I add a self addressed envelope for them to send me back the Clearence certificate, Do I need to send One envelope for me and wife together? Will FBI send in same Envelope for both of US
7) Am I missing any thing else?

I read through the threads, there is so much of information, that it has created confusion hence writing a seprate/specific post. Sorry about that.


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Besides the FBI clearance, you will need a clearance from the Sheriff's office from the county you used to live.
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