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Dear Friends ,

I am writing this post to obtain information from expats settled in Australia. We got our Australian PR approved in Nov 2013 as we all know the PR is valid for 5 years so clock is ticking on our heads to migrate now as it will be difficult for us to get an extension if we dont go now. Considering and calculating if ur move will be fruitful or not . We visited Australia in 2014 and all ur legal formalities are done like centrelink , tax no, bank accounts and we do have a medicare card.

My husband is working with a fortune 500 Company and on a senior level we also have a side business of IT training ,he also gives guest lectures in few IT giants on regular basis . I have a content writing small business which gives me small earning plus a good earning and stable job in an IT company. All in all post expenses on an average we save approx 2.00-2.5 lacs in India every month . That's the reason we were not moving from India post our PR approval . We have a 5 years old child and expecting our second in Jan- Feb 2018. Since u know about ur background would need suggestions since u are based there and can guide us best .We plan to settle in Sydney.

Questions :

1. Since my delivery will occur in 2018 and we plan to leave India by Sept 2017, will my delivery expenses be covered by the government ? What are the cost of keeping nanny for interim period post delivery.
2. My husband will have to look for a job there in the meanwhile , since local experience plays a big game there we expect a delay of 3-6 months in getting a good job . What about my child's school ?Are school admissions easy ?
3. Do you guys feel it makes any sense financially? I wont be working for 2 years as I would have no help there .
4. Suggestions for housing , looking for a more like studio ....rental approximation and good and safe suburbs to live in . (paramatta is on my list would want more suggestions ).

Thanks a lot for ur help.

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