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Does anyone know the procedure to bring a non-eu spouse to France?

I'm a EU citizen and used to a resident in France. I own a house in France, if that makes any difference and was legally registered there. I will continue my self-employment there as soon as we land.

My non-EU spouse and I will be moving back to France. He is not on the list of visa on arrival countries. What type of visa do we apply for? Long or short stay? Do we inform the embassy of our plans of moving back or may they refuse us over this?
Please, share if you have any personal experience of going through this process.
The marriage was performed in a EU country.

Thank you.

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If you are a citizen of any EU country (except France!) your non-EU spouse needs to have legally entered France. So if s/he is not from one of the countries that can get a Schengen visa on arrival (the old stamp in the passport), they will need to obtain a Schengen visitor visa from the consulate in their country of residence.

After entry to France, you need to contact the prefecture of your place of residence to get their list of required documents to obtain a carte de séjour for the spouse of an EU national. This is the Service Public information https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2653 but do check the website of your local prefecture. Some prefectures require you to make an appointment online, others may have specific requirements for the documentation required.
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