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Hi All,

Just asking out of curiosity , I had submitted my work visa application (accredited employers) last week on 25th Jul with all medical and police verification docs uploaded,

Yesterday I received the message from VAC

■ Your application has been registered and your payment confirmed by NZVAC on 24/Jul/2017.

■ Your application was sent to the Immigration New Zealand in New Delhi for processing on 25/Jul/2017. Please refer “Standard Processing Timeframe” link for information regarding processing time.

■ Your application has been processed by the Immigration New Zealand in New Delhi and passport sent to NZVAC on 27/Jul/2017.

■ Your application/decision was sent to your nominated address on 27/Jul/2017 by Blue Dart Courier under Airway Bill Number XXXXXX

With the experienced expats in this forum , just wanted to know what would be timelines I should expect a decision on the visa with everything in place.

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