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Hi my name is john, im 29 and a uk resident. Ive trolled expat forums over the years but have finally decided i join as i could very much do with some help in my situation with my fiance in Canada.

Myself and my partner first met back in September 2014. I had not long got into the country on the IEC programme. I met her in a bar and we well went on from there.

She is a single mother of three children so we took things discreetly and slow to start with. We finally came out as a couple to friends and family in December 2014. I met her kids and mother.

I carried on working and we would see each other whenever we could.

We both knew my visa was coming to an end in may, well may 23rd to be precise, but decided that we will do what we have to do to be together. I decided that rather than stay until the 23rd of may i opted to fly back earlier , 2nd may, so i could get back into work here in the uk. I am a HGV driver and i had to take a 5 day re qualification course before i can return to work. Interviews tomorrow so all should be well hopefully.

I am seeking infomation as we desperately want to be together but we both know that we dont want this to drag out longer than neccesary.

I have proposed to marry her. She is off catholic religion and although seperated for 12 years is only just now seeking a divorce. We have decided not to do rings but we will look to get matching tattoos on the opposite hands, same as the dutch wear their wedding bands. The reason we have to go dutch is in her younger days she got an ex partners initials on her ring finger. A coverup is needed but it couldnt be done as a ring. Sorry rambling on.

Im not religious myself. I believe in marriage in only that it binds the two people together in the vows they present to each other.

Another thing that we wouldnt be able to show is that we wont be taking a honeymoon. I would love to be able to go on one with her but what with the three kids and no real immediate family its impossible. Plus also there is the cost aswell which does limit us somewhat. She has family in Madrid, Spain and being that we are both massive football fans we did talk about just the two off us going there to see some of her family and have it as our own thing...no kids. So there would be a honeymoon just not immediately after getting married. Has people been caught out with this on the spousal sponsorship.

My issues thats causing me concern is that she doesnt currently work. A part of the PR spousal sponsorship thingy is the promise to support me for various things from clothing to eye care. She cannot currently work due to an ongoing liver issue that she is waiting on a specialist to diagnose and then take further. First appointment is actually June 18th. IS this likely to cause a hold up in the application or cause it to be refused? does anyone know?

With the wedding aswell, my family wont be in attendance. Simple logistics of theyre in the uk but we will get married in Canada. Is this going to cause a problem? Will we be better of with some form off representation on my families side??

Im hoping someone who might have been through this process could help answer some questions. I have read its meant to be easy but i never believe it. I am just fearfull that someone somewhere is going to stop us being together.

Also would i be best when i return in June to say that i am visiting friends or my fiance to the CBSA?? i plan on returning in August and then end of September. I shall stay with my fiance for two weeks in June, 1 in august and just about 8/9 days in September leading into October. I have seen on the border force shows how they stop people visiting partners and i dont want that too happen. I know that continued flights backwards and forwards show our relationship to be genuine and i dont want to be turnt around at the airport and sent back. THAT would be a disaster.

Sorry if ive rambled on. If anything of this makes sense and you can help me then i would be greatly appreciated.


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