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Hi All,

Me and my wife are planning to move to Australia but we are not sure about the procedures.


I am and Instrumentation Engineer from Mumbai University. I completed my bachelors in the year 2008. I have both Diploma as well as my bachelor degree from Mumbai university. I have 5 years experience ranging from product engineering to sales engineering. My age is 28.

Wife's background:

She has done her masters in biomolecular technology from UK. Currently is working as an admin for a healthcare company. Her age is 25.

Now can somebody please guide us as to how to go about the migration and also what are our chances?
What are my chances of getting clearance from Engineers Australia?
What are the criteria which Engineers Australia considers while shortlisting candidates?
How can we improve our chance better?
After migrating what are my chance of bagging a job in engineering sales?

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