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Please see the list below it asks me to show each documents in the list but my 2 kids are born in the uk and are british. do i still need to show evidence according to that list

its form SETM page 49 of 59

If you have children under the age of 18 in the UK (or children who are over 18 and who have been granted
leave in this category as your dependent), you must provide the following documents for each child:

Birth Certificate

Passports/travel documents to confirm your child’s immigration, settlement or citizenship status.

Biometric residence permit if your child has been issued with one since entering the UK.

Evidence of where your child/children normally lives and thay you and/or your partner play an active
role in their upbringing. This evidence should be dated within the last three months and can include: -
• Official correspondence addressed to the child/children;
• Doctor’s/hospital letters on official headed paper stating the child’s/children’s registered address;
• School/nursery letter(s) on headed paperstating the child’s/children’s registered address.

If you have access rights to your child a court document issued by the courts showing your access
rights; and/or evidence from your former partner that you have access rights.

Evidence of your and/or any partner’s parental responsibility for the child/children.

Evidence of where you and/or any partner lives, as the parent of the child/children.

Evidence of anything else you would like us to consider regarding your child’s life, both in the UK and
outside the UK
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