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Hello seniors,
First of all this is a great platform for knowledge sharing and i am finding most of my answers here. So thanks a lot

I am still in need of some suggestions as i have to carry forward my application.

Let me start off by telling you something about myself. I am a recent graduate(2013) of B.E. Electronics and Communication with just 67%(3 fails irrelevant to electronics)(very poor performance , i will really have to work hard for masters).
I am currently trying to pursue my M.E. from australia but i have some serious doubts regarding PR as that is the long term goal and then an MBA in future as it will of course cost lesser after PR

My university is recognised by EA as SCHEME 2 according to NOOSR.
I am not going to claim any point for work experience. I am making 60 points

All i need is a positive skills assessment by EA

1)I really want to do M.E.(Engineering Management) but E.A. categorizes engineering managers as to people with at least 3 years of MANAGERIAL() exp.
So, my counselor suggested to me that after M.E. in Engineering management I should apply as ELECTRONICS ENGINEER(nominated occupation) and i will get a positive skills assessment with these grades simply on the basis of my undergraduation and some trainings and projects by CDR pathway. What do you think is it possible(without full-time relevant work exp and such poor grades) ?

2)An immigration consultant told me that i will be needing at least 1 years of work experience in my nominated occupation after completing masters for a positive skills assessment. Is that true ?(If yes, what is the general trend; i mean how many years of exp does it take for people to have positive skills assessment ?)

3) After reading the MSA booklet so many times, i found a loophole(). If i complete my masters with a fully accredited program (for example rmit's MASTER'S IN ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS......which is right now provisionaly accredited but it will get accreditation) I will be eligible to apply by AUSTRALIAN QUALIFICATION pathway rather then the normnal CDR pathway.If that is the case and i am not claiming any kind of points from DAIC ; will i be given positive skills assessment if i perform well and without any kind of full time relevant work experience(being a recent postgraduate student)???
(A lot of my future planning depends on this one, so guys please consider the situation )
My simple assumption here is just like washington accord , AUSTRALIAN QUALIFICATION pathway does not require any kind of work experience for a positive skills assessment

Seniors please feel free to guide about anything and everything. I need some honest suggestions. Hoping for an early reply.

Thanks for reading

Not sure about this one. I didn't think you needed post qualifying experience so as you can use you pre qualifying experience and studies to write about.

Boost anyway so others might help.
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