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A friend of mine recently (in May) got a PR and he travelled to Australia. At the airport, at the immigration counter, they asked for his passport. They scanned the passport and thats it !!.
My friend was about to show his grant letter to them. But they said no need. They did not even stamp the entry date on the passport page. My friend was a bit worried as his only intention to visit Australia now was to make the initial entry. He was actually going to go in Dec 2018.
So, he asked them that what proof would he have to show that he had made an entry into Australia with the one year he got the PR. They said it was all electronic / automatic and there is no stamping done of dates. No need to worry.

My question: Has anyone experienced the same? i ask this because, apart from the grant letter, we do not have any proof of getting the PR. Unlike the US, where they print the visa on our passport page. I downloaded the myVevo app and it shows my PR details. However, is there any place to know my initial entry date? (the date when I actually arrived in AUS)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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