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I would like to know about counting my ship engineer experience. We work on
contractual basis, generally with 6 months sailing time and 4 months
vacation time depending on how quickly you want to get back to sailing
after one contract finishes. I started sailing in 2009- is experience
calculated from the time you joined which would be approx 5 + years in
my case or according to number of contracts you have sailed i.e.,
total sea time in months/years?
This again to provide Immigration with my experience in years as a
ship engineer. With a min of 3 years experience as a ship engineer I
am entitled to 5 points counting towards my PR application.

I would really appreciate if you could share your thoughts on the experience and qualification aspects for a marine engineer as it can get very confusing
since we do not operate according to the employment policies and procedures as
with people on other normal jobs (We do not get sick leave/annual
leave/ and other benefits while on a sailing contract). None of this
information is easily accessible at the Immigration websites either.


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Well your exp would be calculated by AMSA. They know how merchant navy works.

In all probability, they will count your total in sailing months and then give a decision. ACS does the same

As for me, I am ex-DMET.
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