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Greetings, I see many posts similar to the one I'm making and I hope I can gain some insight.

Basically I am wanting to move out of North America, where I currently live. I have travelled extensively here and visited nearly every state. The bureaucracy of this country is what I can take no more of. I realize there is a global structure that is hard to escape but I have to try. I have researched South America and Spain and from what I have read and heard these places both sound like a better environment for me based on life styles/societal norms.

I'm male, 27, and of mixed ethnicity (adopted at birth and no knowledge of race background). I consider myself an abstract thinker, art and music lover. I'm not a criminal, addict, or a lazy person. I just want to surround myself with other like minded individuals that have a passion for life. I am not a skilled worker as I'm still trying to find what I want. I have been saving most of my earnings in hopes of a big move.

Any help/advice you can give me would be very appreciated. My goal: To find a place where I can live free, EVENTUALLY fall in love, and raise a family. :clap2:
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