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Indeed an encouragement for people like me looking forward to land there soon. Enjoy and Keep us posted....


Hi all,

I am njoying luvly weather of Melbourne right now along with luvly people!!
It's been just 3 days since I came here....
I am staying in Hawthorn East right now. It's luvly suburb. And it is very safe here.
I have started looking for a job...!!
Wanted to know if you have got a hot skill/Specialised skill, then how much time it can generally take.
Btw, I am looking for a job in IT specializing in BI/DW.

Let me know if anyone got better idea to get a job?
I am approaching consultants and keep checking seek.com.

Anjali/Karen/Armandra.....where r u guys? Let's make a reunion kinda thing for Expatforum in Melbourne....(If I am not wrong Dolly is in Sydney)

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Not open for further replies.