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If anyone can scan this list and let me know what they think it would be much appreciated. I've not done the premium appointments for my initial and my FLR applications, so just paranoid that I get it right considering it cost nearly £3k!

1.0 Introduction & Identity
Copy of Visa Application Form (SET M)
Confirmation of knowledge of life in the UK test completion
Confirmation of payment for priority appointment
Intro letter from Applicant
Intro letter from Sponsoring Partner
Applicant’s Current Passport
Applicant Previous Passport (Cancelled)
Passport Photos for Applicant (2 in envelope, signed)
Applicant current biometric resident card
Sponsor’s Passport
Passport Photo of Sponsor (1)

2.0 Employment & Income (Cat A, applicant income)
Applicant’s Employment Contract (temporary)
Letter from employer confirming temporary contract made permanent
Letter from employer confirming employment details
Applicant’s Pay Stubs – 6 months April 2017 – Sept 2017
Applicant bank statements – 6 months

3.0 Cohabitation & Relationship
Joint Lease Agreement covering July 2014- June 2015
Joint Lease Agreement covering June 2015 – June 2016
Joint mortgage set up confirmation from June 2016 to present
Land registry – official copy of register of title
Joint account statements – 6 months
Joint correspondence – 6 pieces from 4 sources:
Council tax bill June 2015
Joint account statement December 2015
Council tax bill February 2016
Council tax bill July 2016
Annual Mortgage summary January 2017
Confirmation of joint bank account switch May 2017
Personal Electronic communications to each other (we're unmarried partners)
Photos (6, spread over time)

Thanks to anyone who can help! :)

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Hi - yes, we had the appointment this week and were approved! Thanks to the forum and Joppa for some advice on the continuous residence evidence.

My evidence was as above, but added in some evidence of continuous residence going back 5 years as all the other evidence was only the past 2.5 years since FLR. I added in tenancies, council tax and medical letters to cover the 5 years. Good luck!

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I gather they prefer you to have the copies done beforehand.
I have always done this. Feedback from others is that the caseworker finds it helpful.
I have had good feedback, such as "oh great you've made copies".
Good luck!
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