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Hi joppa,

Can I please ask you a question as you seem to be very knowlagable in the field of processing settlement/ spouse visa applications

I previously applied for my husband spouse visa it was refused but I am due the ihs payment refund which I have not yet still recieved ... i have spoken to immergration on their helpline and they told me they have put in the request again and told me to wait, this was nearly three months ago... it has been six months now since the date of my refusal and I am still waiting for that ihs refund.

The thing is in the next two months I will be submitting a fresh application to sponsor my husband once again

I would like to ask can I do this even if I have not been issued my refund?. I will ring up once again to claim for it back but honestly i don't think I will getting it any time soon..

If by the time I put on my new application and have not received my refund can I still continue in submitting my new application pay the fee again and then pay again for the ihs again and be issued with a new ihs number.

Or will the system not allow me too as I have not been refunded for the first ihs payment i made.

Please do reply as it will help me out greatly.

Many thanks

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