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then there is no hope. :confused2:

Queda bloqueada 'sine die' la apertura del aeropuerto de Corvera por cuestiones de seguridad aérea — VegaMediaPress | Noticias de Murcia :closed_2:

You couldn't make it up. For at least 10 years they were talking about building it & finally started 3 years ago .It's more or less ready to open now so didn't the military notice it being built ? When they were told that they were going to be given the other one back they moaned that the new 2nd runaway was 'too short'. Didn't they want to know why it was being given back ? Didn't they notice an airport being built on the daily parachute training jumps ?

Yesterday they announced that flights would commence in october , today it's stopped 'sine die' ? It's the blind leading the blind !!!

All of the points in the article were known about long before construction started & the Regional government guaranteed the constructors loan!!

Sounds like there is some political machinations at work here , but I can't see why ? :suspicious:

This just makes everyone look like complete & utter fools.
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