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Hi Saradha

I was a marketing pro and now getting into administration line, i did a short term certification course in Business Admin, reason why i moved fmor marketing to admin is that it makes life much easier, while hunting for marketing jobs i was always asked for local experience and lack of australian trends know how. plus marketing jobs require extra working hours and i was not ready for the same bearing in mind, i have a 19 month old.

IT industry is very fast here, if you want you can get the ball rolling again, start with a part time or contract jobs, they are easier to get, well nothing is easy, anyways, do a short term course here in australia if you can, and while you ar ein India, keep checking what the requirements for IT professionals are, the courses here are very expensive, do as many certification courses from India and come.

as you say your son is 4, by the time you are here, he will be 5+, ready to go to school, which means you either put him in after school care or work only during school hours. the people here are very flexible, many offices have working hours form 7 till 3-4 or part time jobs are easily available. see what interests you teh most and start preparing for it. One thing i have noticed here, people change heir line of work every now and then, irrespective of age, i know a few who are 50+ and are studying to change their line :)..

all the best
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