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My wife's a Computer Science Engineer and we want to know which subjects would fall under ICT to understand if it will be ICT major or ICT minor application.

Also, do we need total 25% subjects to be ICT, or 25% is required in every semester?

Engg chemistry
Engg chemistry lab
Engg mathematics-1
Elements of mechanical engg
Engg drawing
Fundamentals of CP & IT
Fundamentals of CP & IT lab
Computer graphics lab

Engg physics
Engg physics lab
Engg mathematics-2
Communication skills
Communication skills lab
Basic Electrical & Electronics engg
Basic Electrical & Electronics engg lab
Manufacturing practice
General fitness

Computer architecture
Discrete structures
Digital circuits & logic design
Data structures & programming methodology
Written & oral Technical communication
Programming languages
Software lab-1 (DSPM)
Software lab-2 (PL)
Hardware lab-1 (DCLD)
Institutional practice training

Operating system
Data communication
Microprocessor & Assembly language programming
Systems programming
Software lab-3 (OS)
Software lab-4 (SP)
Hardware lab-2 (DC)
Hardware lab-3 (MALP)
General fitness

System analysis and design
Data communication/ Computer networks
Design and analysis of algorithms
Computer graphics
Computer peripherals and interfaces
Software lab-5 (DBMS lab)
Software lab-6 (Algorithms)
Software lab-7 (Computer graphics)
Hardware lab-4 (DC/ CN)

Relational Database Mgt system-2
Introduction to business system
Asynchronous transfer mode
Software engg
LP/ RTS (Elective-1)
HRM (DE-1.2) (Open elective)
Hardware lab-5 (ATM)
Software lab-8 (RDBMS-2)
Software lab-9 (Software engg)
Software lab-10 (Business system)
General fitness

Industrial training cum project

Symbolic logic & logic processing
Formal language & automata theory
Principals of engineering economics & management techniques
Environmental sciences
Organisational structures/ ETSIT/ OS(DE2)
Expert system/ GUI (DE3)
Expert system lab
Software lab-11 (SI & LP)
General fitness
you can check it out yourself...please follow the link and look for ANZSCO code you are applying for

https://www.acs.org.au/content/dam/acs/acs-skills/ANZSCO Code Information - 2017 V4.pdf
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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