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I want to make Australia my home :)

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Hello everyone,

After much deliberation, I think Australia is where I want to be. It just makes sense. I holidayed there back in 2009 and loved it. I loved the people and the weather, the freedom and the beauty of the country, the laid back life of the people there. And I love the people.

I initially considered Europe but it means that I would have to learn the local language and that it will strongly affect my job prospects.

Anyway, I want to focus on Australia as people have told me there are many options. I have a few hurdles to overcome though...

A. I do not have a university degree, and my job/experience is not on the skills list. I work in Telesales. (Im also a part time beautician)

B. I am single so I will have to support myself. Dont wish to rely on anyone but myself if you know what I mean. I have savings but heard that I'd need about 20K and I dont have that much yet.

C. I went to Perth and would consider moving there but I havent been to any other areas in Australia. I've heard Melbourne is great for singles.

D. I'm 29 years old, 30 next year - is it too late for me to start this process?

Ive heard the only way to get to Australia is if your skills is on the ANSOL and you must apply to be permanent resident or get sponsored.

If anyone can help me get started on this path, you'd be doing me such a huge favour and your help would be appreciated!

Thank you everyone
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Where are you from? You may qualify for a working holiday visa so you can have a year long holiday ding bits of work to fund your travels. But I'm afraid without real skills and/or qualifications you would be very unlikely to get a visa to allow you to live in Australia after that. As you are aware your profession has to be on one of the skills lists. You would also need to be qualified to enable you to pass a skills assessment or be highly skilled to get a temp visa.
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