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I need some info about company incorporation & EP

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I have a question please help me.

I wanna know how much the minimum paid up capital of a company should be for apply EP for foreigner in Singapore.
In Malaysia, minimum paid up capital for a company must be RM 500k when a foreigner wanna apply work permit visa.
Is there any particular and similar rules in singapore?

Your cooperation highly appreciated.
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Thanks dear Singapore Saint,

Could you tell me which company secretary did your application.
Is there different charge fee between the company with $1 and $20k paid up capital. I mean company secretary ask for more if a company has high paid up capital.

Last I checked there are 3 kind of EP: P1 - P2 - Q1
Which kind of EP do they give me when I'll apply EP base on my own company?
Singapore doesn't have a fixed value, else people will abuse the system to get EP and more ..

Best is to look for corporate secretarial companies, who can advice you and help incorporate as well as advice on the minimum for qualifying for EP, based on their past experiences.

They don't come cheap though.

are you in Singapore ?

And out of curiosity, why Singapore ?
Im not living in Singapore, Im in KL now. I would like to come to Singapore cause I guess it quite similar with Malaysia.
What is the PR benefits for foreigners?
What conditions are there for conversion PR to Singapore Passport?
Thanks a lot dear ecureilx

I didnt mean to convert my passport, I mean Singapore passport as second passport. after I can take citizenship can I apply Singapore passport as my second passport.

I have bachelor degree but I don't wanna put my salary $8k cause I shuold pay more tax. Also I dont want show to high paid up capital. In other hand I dont want my application be in long time process with MOM or rejected. So what's your recomend.
Actually, I want with the reasonable salary and paid up capital I can get my EP in the shortest time.
I think I'm allowed to give the company name, apologies to the Mods if not, but I used Rikvin - they did a good job, made it all very easy, but I know they were more expensive than others.

I don't believe that the amount of paid-up capital makes any difference to the charges. The Company Secretary has a legal role to play in the administration side of the company, which has nothing to do with the amount of capital, revenue, profitability etc.

Adding to what Ecurelix said about the types of pass available to you, as well as being determined by your qualifications, it is also dependant on the salary you will pay yourself and also your age. I think the figures have been recently updated and I don't have them to hand, but I think a P1 required a $7500 monthly salary a couple of years ago while a Q1 was around $3k for younger applicants, more for older ones.
Thanks for replaying me.

I wanna work with Rikvin, but I found the cheaper price of them when I checked their site than your price that they charged you.
I wonder, there is some hiding cost.
$3k+ was the Shareholders' agreement which has to be done through a law firm, not Rikvin, all of the other charges were standard.
What's a law firm?!
Sorry I ask a lot of questions, cause I dont get your meaning.
We are in the company 1 shareholder + 1 resident director. So, is it for local director?
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