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Hello guys,

I've been positively assessed for H/W Technician (313111) but unfortunately, the region I had in mind (TAS) seem not to be actively accepting applicants for 313111. On Skillselect, I have 70pts for 190 and 75pts for 489.
PS. PTE was 10pts.

I would just do a review of the ANZSCO search outcome.

190 requires a job offer
489 was my primary goal but it's been taken off the SOL for TAS (but I wonder why it shows a blue tick on ANZSCO)

489 is on special conditions and Supplementary Skilled List (so requires 80pts)

489 & 190 - These ones are unnecessarily difficult. :mad:. They require 80 points on the Q-SOL

489 & 190 - It's on the NT - MOL but requires evidence of having received an offer of employment :mad:

190 only - It's closed for now.

My thoughts:
I feel TAS, SA or possibly ACT will come good next year.
Rewriting PTE a 3rd time seems viable but I want to make it a last resort.

I humbly request your advice and opinions, guys
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