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3.3 Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume
Engineers Australia requires a full summary of your
education and engineering work history to gain a full
perspective of your engineering workplace practice.
Your CV must be a complete record of your activities
and must not contain significant periods where no activity
is recorded.
For each workplace provide:
• organisation name and location including contact
details where possible
• dates and duration of employment
• title of position occupied by you
• your defined role (provide a duty or appointment
statement where available) and/or a brief
description of your activities
Your CV should be no more than three A4 pages.
The CV is to be a chronological listing of employment, not

So I don't get it , the last sentence they mentioned that they needed chronological listing of employment , not projects. And in the first paragraph , they need to know full details of my activities ? What kind of activities they need , if I wouldn't post projects ?
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