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Where do we start?

I moved to the U.S. about 20 years ago. I have 3 children from my first marriage and I am currently engaged to an American citizen. We are talking seriously about moving to my hometown and starting our lives there. I have been researching online what steps need to be done and whoa, lots of information out there. Most of it is very confusing. So my questions are:

1) Can he apply for jobs in Canada (Ontario to be more specific) without a work permit, or would he need to apply for a work permit first. he needs a work permit
2) Can he move to Canada without a work permit? yes, he can come as a visitor
3) Can I sponsor him even though I have permanent residency in the U.S? Yes because you're still a Canadian citizen
4) My children were obviously born in the U.S. are they considered dual citizens? Can I get citizenship papers on them and would that suffice for them to move or would I have to do additional paperwork. they are dual citizens, so you need to establish that with Canadian authorities

These are the questions I have right now, although I am sure more will come up. I would greatly appreciate any assistance I can get.
You will need to sponsor your husband and obtain papers for your children. In this regard read the following and it's attendant links:-
Sponsor your spouse, partner or children
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