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My wife (US Citizen) and I (UK Citizen) currently live in the UK and have filed and had accepted the the I-130 through Embassy in London. I have had my medical and my Interview is in 2 weeks

My wife's parents are joint-sponsors and have completed the I-864 form. I have a couple of questions about the evidence they have submitted.

They have provided a joint tax return (1040) and their W2 (photocopies).
1. Do i need original of the W2
2. Should i have the tax return transcript rather than the 1040 tax return?
3. Is there any other evidence they need to provide regarding finances?

On the form (part 6, line answer 3) my father in law names his wife as income that is being used from any other person counted in your household size.
1. Does she need to fill out I-864a?

They have also provided my with photocopies of their birth certificates.
1. Should these be originals?

My wife is also having to fill out the I-864, she has retrospectively filed the last 3 years tax returns.
1. Can i just produce the 1040 tax return and her p60 as evidence?
2. Any other evidence required?

Any advise or links to further information regarding the interview process would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

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What does the guidance sheet for the I-864 say about originals or photocopies?.

Having had to submit documentation to various Gov departments, I have always assumed that photocopies (where allowed) need to be notarised or stamped by originator. (have always had it done anyway)

Yes, your mother in law needs to complete an I-864A as she is part of your FIL household.

Sorry cannot answer other questions.
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