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how to remove my wife from the application

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dependent removal

some certificate or any other document which can prove to CO that you are in process of getting divorced
Ok Will they approve Muslim divorce certificate

Hi Guys,
I have applied for 489 FS, CO allocated on last friday.. He has requested for form 1221, tax, payslips and PCC to submit in 28 days but he never requested for Medicals. I have not done the medicls yet.

My question is

My wife and i have some family problems and she went to her parents house. Her parents are threatening me that she wants divorce. But i dont think so they need it intentionally, just a threatening. They have asked for 3 months to settle the issues.

1. Now i found that CO didnt request for medicals for my wife and I. If CO asks later can i request him 3 months time for to submit the medicals telling him some family issues.

2. Do i need to wait until the CO asks for Medicals as this can give some relief for me in terms of spare time as i need minimum 3 months to settle all family related issues.

Whats ur suggestion?

Please help me guys..

Hi Guys ,

My wife and I have some problem and she wants divorce. she is not willing to talk about the issue now. Her parents need 3 months time but I'm sure she wants divorce.

I got CO allocated, he is requesting for Medicals and form 1221.. only pending documents. Now I want my wife to remove as I cannot provide her medicals and her form 1221.

How to remove her from the application,

please help
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Hi Ausbugis,

you can send Form 1022 (Changes in Circumstances) to the CO, notifying him/her that you want to remove your wife as secondary applicant. However, since you are not divorced yet, she is still your dependent and even non-migrating dependents need to submit medicals.

See the Health Examinations page:

Note: The above health examinations will also need to be completed by any non-migrating dependents, that is any members of your family unit who do not intend to migrate and are not included in your visa application, in case they decide to migrate in the future.
So you won't get around that, sorry. Talk it over with your wife - you will need her cooperation or your visa processing will be significantly delayed.

All the best,
You should arrange the passport details and medicals for her as she still remains as your wife.

Otherwise you can submit an affidavit mentioning your current situation and affirm that, you don't want to take her to Aus in future, contact your CO before doing this, make a request mentioning your issues, sometimes they may consider.

Last option is to get a official divorce from her and submit decree copy to CO and you can request more time for that from your CO.

All the best
As you keep asking the same question I've merged them. The answer will not change.

No a Muslim divorce is NOT accepted only a court divorce is acceptable.

Whilst she is still your wife legally she MUST undertake medicals and PCC for your application even if you attempt to remove her.

If separation is in progress in court, is the medicals & PCC of the wife exempted (non-migrating dependant).
Any information on above question?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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