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Good day to All!
I have got below-mentioned reply from my case officer. Can anybody help me suggestion what proof I should provide in this case?

Case officer:
Evidence of reason for having maintained a separate identity.
Thank you for your affidavit.

You have not provided any evidence you have changed your name from Rohit Kumar to Rohit Kumar Manchanda. You have not provided any reason for having this alternative name Rohit Kumar Manchanda in your employment. You have not provided any reason for continuing to use this alternative name with your employer. The use of this name to date, with regard to your employment, continues despite your passport, and all other official documentation indicating your official name is Rohit Kumar. As a result of this, I cannot be satisfied that the employment documents belong to you. Further explanation for the reason why you have maintained multiple identities with regard to your employment, will be required before this can be assessed further. Furthermore, evidence that your employer is aware of your other name and identity, and why they have chosen to employ you in the name Rohit Kumar Manchanda despite the lack of official documentation supporting that name, will also be required.

I am looking for any other alternative than HR letter as my employer has refused to provide me the HR letter to prove my employment with different Identity.
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