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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for someone from Pakistan to answer my query and I will be grateful.

I am going to apply for VISA 190 in few days with 65 points under developer programmer, but before applying I need to prepare all my documents so that when I get invitation I will be able to submit all my documents at once.

Here is my query regarding Tax Return File for previous employer in Pakistan.

I have worked with an employer from Feb 2011 to Mar 2014 in Pakistan, and the employer was deducting my tax and paying to government but unfortunately I had not registered myself on FBR, and I did not have personal NTN number. My employer was deducting tax on my CNIC. I did not bother about taxes etc at that time even I was paying to govt.

While working with the next employer in 2016, I registered myself on FBR and got NTN, and I submitted my info and got tax return for the year 2015-2016 for my second employer. Currently, I am going to submit my tax return for 2016 and 2017 soon.

My question is; can I get a tax return file from FBR from 2011 to 2014 for my first employer. Though my taxes have been paid in this duration by my employer, but I have not submitted the detail on to FBR site (IRIS). If it is possible, how? Is there any way in the IRIS to get that information. Moreover, I have all the payslips, employment letter and bank statements for each and every month salary for that duration between Feb 2011 and Mar 2014.

I will highly appreciate if anyone from Pakistan, who have personal experience, can guide me on this matter.

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