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Hello, all.

My wife is French, but she is currently unemployed.

I am American — independant, "profession liberale" / entreprise individuelle. And officially, I have been in the French system since mid 2019.

This means that I can show income on my French tax return for half of 2019, all of 2020, and soon to be all of 2021.

We would like to buy an apartment in Paris.

Question: Does anyone have any advice or wisdom to offer with regard to getting a mortgage?​
We have had two brief meetings at our bank. The first time, they told us that I would need to be able to show 3 years of tax returns, and they would determine how much we could borrow from that. When I told them that I could only show back to half of 2019, they simply said that they would need to ask for more information and likely see several years of US tax returns too. Ergo, the bank seemed to offer a solution and not make a deal of it.

However, the second bank meeting, they told us that only being able to show back to 2019 could be problematic, and they did, this time, make a deal of it.

Two bank meetings, same bank, two different answers.

Any advice, experience, thoughts and help would be much appreciated!!

Thank you all!!!!
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