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Good day for all,

I am recently got my 475 Visa Sponsored by SA government, planned to move to Adelaide on the coming October, I just want to know that what are the ways by which we can demonstrate that we are living in South Australia in the designated Areas? I am totally aware that getting employed is one of the ways but prior to getting a Job?

As we clearly know that holder of 475 Visa should prove that he/she lived for 2 years and worked full time for one year prior to applying for PR visa. I am asking this question because I have an intention to live with an OZi family and share their house and that means no tenancy contract , E, W or G bills will be in my name!!!!

Thanking you in advance for your reply and looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Best Regards & good luck for all.


Where you have your car registered.
Where you are registered with the tax office.
The address medicare have for you if registered.
The address centrelink have for you, if registered.
Where your kids go to school.
Where your GP is.
Where you work.
The address you give your bank and other creditors.

The list goes on, but if you were using any of them I assume they would want more than one proof.
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