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So, I have been leasing a condo, nice place, yet the owner has evidently handed out numerous keys to his girlfriends in the past and they tend to pop-in at will. The stunned looks on their faces when they see a farang is priceless.

My water goes off constantly, so does the electricity, yet from what I am told that is one of the endearing qualities about living in Thailand. The quality of the unit is not what I viewed 6 months ago when deciding to lease and the noise here is unbelievable. I am paying more than I should, yet I understand that I hurried to find a place and had no idea that brand new units lease for the same or less.

I do not want to disrespect the landlord, yet I do want to move. I don't even know the landlord's real name and have found out that Thai's use 'nicknames'. My lease is for 12 months. The lease agreement says that I cannot break the lease unless I find a suitable person to take it over. Some people tell me to just move. Etc, etc.

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