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I recently completed my BA at Melbourne Uni in December of 2014 and have since been in Australia on a visitor visa to ideally spend my year relaxing before beginning law school at Melbourne Law in February of 2016.

My current visitor visa expires on the 11th of October and that puts me just over 90 days before the course start date for my postgraduate studies which is the 8th of February 2016.

My plan is to apply for my second student visa here in Australia instead of having to fly back to Singapore to lodge one there.

Is my understanding correct in that if I apply for my second student visa say on the 1st of October, well before the expiry of my current visitor visa, I would be placed on a bridging visa until a decision for my student visa application is reached?

Otherwise, my other option would be to simply apply for another visitor visa, ask for roughly 50 days and then lodge my student visa once I'm within the 90 day window.

Please advise

Kind regards
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