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Good day

We got PR in April 2010. Later on I was lucky to get deputed to Sydney for four years from an Indian IT MNC. Due to organizational decision I had to return to India in Dec 2014. As we had completed 4 years in Australia after obtaining PR we thought of applying for citizenship for our kids and hence my wife stayed back. She is still in Sydney. Now we are in a dilemma. My wife can get into job there (she is also in middle level management from one of the Indian MNC). If I have to go I have to quit my current company and go to Sydney empty handed.

Somehow I have less confidence in landing a job especially as a Project Manager (BTW i have around 15 years experience in IT and 5 years as a PM) in Australia. The reason is I have seen many of my colleagues just hanging on to their current Indian company and most of them are unsuccessful in getting anything outside. Many of them not even getting calls for interview. Some if they go to interview level they say they are finally not selected.

Having said that I am not very keen on getting PM job there. I am ready to do anything either in IT or non-IT. Is there anyone who are successful in finding a parallel career and successful. If yes, can you please let me know where we can venture into.

As I said leading a daily life may not be a problem as my wife will work and earn money. But only worry is for how long can this go and for how long I can sit at home minding my two kids.

All replies welcome.
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