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Looking at moving to Australia.
How do I decided where to look at moving to.

I would like it to be warm all year round.

I did travel to Oz 6 years ago, east coast, west coast and south cost.
I think south coast will get to cold in winter, so i'm thinking Queensland (maybe Brisbane area), maybe Perth.

Would like a house with 1/2 acre of land. (prefer to build my own)
I need to find land to build a few houses on too near to where we live.
We build new homes in UK so need to find building yards to buy supplies ext. (very small developer, so would like to continue doing that)

We like to snorkel, like to have nice views for walks, bike rides. Need good school for 10 year old girl.

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Hi Paul H,

Happy New Year and welcome to the forum.

I remember Lincoln as a nice place although it's been a few years since I've been there!

You sound like you're thinking about things the right way.

We decided the lifestyle that we wanted and then found the place to fit the lifestyle which is why we don't live in a state city :)

If you check out the property links in the 'PLEASE READ...' sticky post (yo umay have done this already) they sell land plots as well as houses, and there may even be some house and land packages since these are common in some areas. You need to make sure that you have any certificates required if you are building your own home. In some states you need certified tradesmen to do some of the jobs such as electrical and plumbing.

We're down on the South coast (Limestone coast) and it does get cold in winter down here although not to UK standards. We hardly have a frost - it's gone by the time we wake up, and only on very hot days does it get to the late 30's or early 40's degs C.

Hopefully other members will be able to help you on Perth and Queensland.

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