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Hi everyone

I'm new to this :)

Me, my husband and my young family are really hoping to emigrate to Cyprus in the next 3-6 months. My daughters are 11 and 4.

I am just looking for some friendly advice or info on what sort of order to do things in??

We have a base over there in Paphos, but it is a friends property so we will eventually need to rent our own place.

We are looking for jobs but seem to hear a lot of bad things - basically saying that Cypriots won't hire English people?? Any advice??

We know that one of us will need to be in employment before we come over.

We have seen the International School in Paphos also - is this school private?? I've seen some good reviews about it on the net. I was hoping that my 4 year old could attend a Cypriot school as she is still young enough to hopefully pick up the language??

Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance :)

Unfortunately I must agree with Veronica, unless you speak Greek to get a local job and have contacts, or already have a job to come to, and a pretty large pot of money to start with you are better of in UK at present. There is no social security payments here unless you have paid into the Cypriot System, healthcare is not free, and you would need to budget for health insurance for all the family. She has mentioned the schooling already and I can second that. It is not the ideal time to move over with a family I am afraid, unemployment is rising, and there are a lot of ex-pats who are unemployed.

Kind regards
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