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I was positively assessed as a Fitter (General) by TRA using both ND and HND qualifications with over 5 years work experience.

Following are the qualifications I possessed till date:
* National Diploma (ND) in Mechanical Engineering (2007).
* Higher National Diploma (HND) in Mechanical Engineering (2011).
* B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering (2016).

I started working in 2011 after my HND programme as an Engineering Technician (equivalent to Fitter) and in 2012 I was admitted into B.Eng programme (full-time). This means that I was studying while working (I was running shift and this allowed me to have time for my studies).

Now my question, can I include my B.Eng qualification in my EOI along with my diploma and I do not intend to claim point for it. I hope this will not affect my ITA or visa application negatively.

Thanks and best regards.
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