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Alrighty then, from the top. I was born in Colombia but moved to the US at about 3 1/2 years old. I was raised there for 9 years spanning the vast majority of my childhood and my life to this point. My parents entered the US legally were on our way for permanent residence. Unfortunately however, our lawyer forgot a very important letter and because of that our case was considered "abandoned." We had no time to sue to lawyer because we were already asked to leave the country. We decided to try our luck in Canada where we moved to in 2009 when I was almost 13 years of age. As of now we are permanent residents and soon to be citizens. Now however I am looking to immigrate back to the US.

I feel American more than anything else. My heart lives in America where it shall remain always. I still have many friends that I have kept contact with from Florida. I follow American politics, news, took US history classes in Canada, learned some more US history on my own time, and I have also researched American topics for quite some time. I am fully willing to serve the US armed forces if it means I can live there again.

Right now I am applying for university. I am looking at Computer Science, Petroleum Engineering, Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Nuclear Engineering. My question to you guys is which path will give me the highest probability to permanently immigrating to the US from Canada as a citizen of Canada. I would like to hear my probability in terms of percentages (e.g. 50%-80%). Which path will give me the highest chances of probability. How many Canadians that apply actually get accepted? Will my friends in the US boost my chances. Will the 9 years I have lived there as a child boost my chances? Will joining the military boost my chances? Will immigrating to a small town, accepting lower pay, etc. boost my chances? What if I study in the US? Alternatively what if I study here in Canada, get a few years of experience, and then apply?

Please and thank you.
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