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Hi all,

I am new to this forum.
Me and my husband are hoping to make the move to Australia in June time next year.
We have recently got married.
I am 27 and he is 26.
I am an Occupational Therapist with 4 and a half years experience. I have been accredited by COTRB.
My husband is a journalist with 3 years experience.
We are hoping to move to Melbourne as the lifestyle there attracts us, it has lots of hospitals, good newspapers and the property is cheaper than Sydney.
I am hoping to get a job with a sponser and come over on a 457 visa as we are not sure if this is a 'forever' move.

I wanted some advice on what to do at this moment in time.
I have my CV ready but do you think its too early? Or should I just start sending it out and see what the responce is.
There seems to be lots of jobs advertised all the time but doesn't say if they do offer sponsorship. Do all jobs over sponsorship?

Anyway, any advice would be great,

Thanks all,


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Hi Rhian,

Welcome to the forum.

Is your profession on the critical skills list?
If your profession is in demand it's easier to get sponsorship.

If you are looking at online job sites they usually specify whether or not the applicant has to have a visa to work in the country. Most jobs do not offer sponsorship unless it's specified. Any company looking for workers has to look locally first and then only if they can't find someone can they do sponsorship.

You may find that some companies won't do sponsorship at all since it costs them money - it all comes back to whether your profession is in demand (according to immigration not according to job sites).

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